How to Choose the Site of Concrete Batching Plant

June 01, 2018

In order to build concrete batching plant, it is necessary to have good performance equipment, sufficient and suitable site. Finally, it is necessary to install it reasonably on the site. If there are problems in the installation of the best equipment, the normal production efficiency will be affected slightly, and the equipment will be seriously damaged for a long time. Therefore, the site planning and construction of commercial concrete batching plant is very important and needs to be taken seriously.

concrete batching plant

The first requirement for the site is to be smooth and firm. Before installation, the ground of the site should be repaired to ensure smooth and intact. Then, the installation location planning of different parts of the above equipment on the site, mixer, batching machine, cement bin, aggregate pile, water storage tank and other facilities need to be combined in the same planning. A reasonable plan and design plan can be designed to install the equipment according to the design plan. The principle of site planning should be to save space and facilitate transportation, so as to ensure smooth travel of vehicles transporting raw materials and concrete.

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