How Many sets of Metering Equipment Do Concrete Batching Plant Need

March 02, 2013

Concrete needs more raw materials in the production process, and the accuracy of each raw material measurement will affect the quality of concrete produced.This requires several sets of metering equipment for concrete batching plant.

Usually the concrete batching plant is equipped with three or four aggregate bins, three to five powder silos, one water tank and one to three liquid additive storage tanks. The necessary supporting measuring equipment is as follows:

1. Aggregate metering equipment

The quantity of aggregate metering equipment depends on the metering method. When aggregate batching machine adopts cumulative metering, it is equipped with one scale. When measuring independently, it is equipped with three or four scales according to the number of aggregate bins.

concrete batching plant

2. Powder metering equipment

When only cement and fly ash are used in concrete batching plant, cumulative measurement can be adopted, with a scale, and when there are many kinds of powder, independent measurement can be adopted.    

3. Liquid metering equipment

The liquid measurement in concrete batching plant is divided into water and liquid admixture measurement. In order to save cost, some enterprises use water flow to calculate water consumption. The accuracy of this method is not high, so it is suggested that customers should equip corresponding measuring equipment. Generally speaking, water and additives can be accumulatively measured with one scale or two scales separately.

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