HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant has been Loaded and Dispatched to Malaysia

January 09, 2013

HZS50 Concrete batching plant of Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a combined device for centralized mixing of concrete. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, it can not only ensure the quality and output of concrete, but also save cement. It is often used in water conservancy, electric power and bridge projects with large volume, long construction period and concentrated construction site.

Product advantage

1.The Hopper adopts double rope wheel to keep the force uniform to prevent excessive wear and tear

2.The control system has three optional languages: Chinese, English and Russian, it can be switched freely

3. Used carbon dioxide gas shielded welding technology, the machine has good product surface quality, beautiful appearance, fast welding speed and high efficiency because of no welding salient points.

4.Hydraulic (pneumatic) door unloading, safe and reliable.

5.Mixing blade, liner is made of alloy material, adding ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrovanadium and other elements, which has strong wear resistance.

6.Fast mixing speed and high efficiency.

7.Integral casting spiral stirring arm has high strength, wear resistance and low resistance.

concrete batching plant

     Parameter Table



Theory capacity


Mixing system

Twin shaft concrete mixer

Aggregate feeder

Bucket (Skip hopper)

Discharging height


Mixing circle


Concrete mixer


Discharging volume


Charging volume


Aggregate batching machine


Storage bins quantity

3 or 4 sorts

Weighing system

Water, Cement, Additive

Weighing precision


Air system

Air compressor, etc

Control system type

Computer auto-control module (PLC can be optional item)


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