HOW to maintain concrete batching plant?

March 02, 2014


It is necessary to ensure that all parts of the concrete batching plant are free from grease, dirt and dust, especially the surface of the motor and reducer is kept clean to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the machine.


Concrete batching plant to check whether the joints are tight.Due to mechanical operation produces vibration, easy to make the fitting is loose, if not timely fastening, not only may produce oil leakage,gas leakage, water leakage,electric leakage, such as possible, and the key parts of the bolt looseness will change the original design pack up the parts distribution,  led parts deformation, fracture or in parts, separation lead to understeer causing mechanical accident.


Check and adjust the correlation and working parameters of the mechanical parts of concrete batching plant in time to ensure the normal operation of the machinery.In particular, the flexible reliability of key parts should be adjusted properly to prevent accidents.

concrete batching plant


Lubrication is in accordance with the requirements of the provisions, regular injection or replacement of lubricating oil, in order to maintain good lubrication between the parts of the mechanical movement, reduce the wear of parts, to ensure the normal operation of the machinery.


Protection is to do the commercial concrete batching plant moisture-proof, rust, acid, prevent corrosion of mechanical parts and electrical equipment.Especially mechanical appearance must be painted or coated with grease and other anti-corrosion materials.

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