Differences between Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

July 02, 2020

Concrete batching plants could divides into different types according to different classification criteria. The plants generally divides into stationary concrete plants and mobile concrete plants. This is a basic classification that many manufacturers distinguish at the time of production.

Most of the stationary batching plants adopt the modular and splicing design, which mainly used for large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers or related manufacturers of concrete components. It usually applies in large-scale engineering construction, owning the features of strong production capacity and stable anti-interference. The mobile batching plant is towed by a towing unit, which has good maneuverability and makes the production more flexible. It generally uses for various small and medium-sized temporary construction projects. 

Stationary concrete batching plant
Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

The stationary concrete batching plant is easy to install. It uses in projects with long construction periods and large demand for concrete. In addition, it applies to a variety of complex terrain structures. Compared with mobile concrete plant, the stationary concrete batch plant is more evenly stirred; it has higher production efficiency. At the same time, the stationary concrete plant achieves good mixing effect on dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete. Besides, it can also be used as commercial concrete plants for the production of commercial concrete.


Mobile concrete batching plant
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The mobile concrete batching plant is a concrete mixing equipment. It is suitable for the projects which need frequent transitions, short construction period and long construction line. At the same time, the following systems are concentrated on a trailer unit, including the system of materials’ stock, weigh, transport, stir, unloading and the automatic control system. Moreover, the mobile concrete plant not only has the function of concrete batching plant, but the advantages of convenient movement, flexible assembly and disassembly.

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