Difference Between Stabilized Soil Batching Plant and Concrete Batching Plant

April 02, 2009

Stabilized soil is a general term for mixtures of cement, lime, fly ash and other binders mixed with soil. Stabilized soil batching plant refers to the collection of machinery and equipment for producing stabilized soil.It includes cement tank, metering and conveying equipment, mixing equipment.

Concrete batching plant is mainly composed of mixing main machine, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system and other ancillary facilities.

The difference between stabilized soil batching plant and concrete batching plant is that:

concrete batching plant


1. The concrete products produced by stabilized soil batching plant are mainly used for the construction of highway, railway, airport and other traffic engineering projects, while the concrete products produced by concrete batching plant are mainly used for the construction of various engineering buildings.

2. The requirement of finished products produced by concrete mixing station is higher than that of stabilized soil mixing station.

3. Different hosts. The stabilized soil mixing station uses double horizontal axle continuous no-liner mixer, while the concrete mixing station uses JS double horizontal axle forced mixer.

4. Because the proportion of cement needed in the production of stabilized soil is relatively small, the number of cement tanks in the equipment of stabilized soil mixing station is very small, often only one or two are needed.

5. The measurement mode of stabilized soil mixing station is usually dynamic measurement, while that of concrete mixing station is static measurement mode.

The simple conclusion is that the structure of stabilized soil batching plant is simpler than that of concrete batching plant. The quality of finished products is not as high as that of finished products produced by mixing station. Customers must consider clearly before purchasing.

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