Daily Inspection of Concrete Batching Plant

May 19, 2011

Normal operation of machinery can not be separated from maintenance, because there will be wear and tear in the use process, concrete batching plant also needs regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation, what are the routine inspections of concrete batching plant?

concrete batching plant

1. Check the working condition of the lubrication points of each rotating part every day, and supply the lubricating oil in time.

2. Check the amount of lubricating oil in the lubricating oil cup of mixer every day, and supply lubricating oil in time.

3. Check the oil surface height of the oil mist on the air system once a week, using lubricant with viscosity of 2.5-7°E.

4. Open the drain valve once a day before and after the start-up and shutdown, and discharge the condensed water from the air compressor and the gas storage tank.

5. Fasteners (such as bolts and nuts) should be checked weekly for loosening. When loosening is found, fasteners must be tightened in time, especially some parts subjected to variable amplitude loads.

6. Check the equipment of water supply, gas supply and admixture system regularly every day.

7. Check the electrical control system and instruments every day.

8. Check the mixing shaft and cylinder of the mixer every day. If there is too much concrete on the mixing shaft, it must be cleaned manually.

9. Clean or replace the filter screen in the dust filter of powder tank every six months.

10. If the shutdown time is more than one week, the materials (such as cement, water, admixtures and aggregates) in the measuring hoppers must be emptied, and the mixing machine and the outlet hoppers should be cleaned to avoid material hardening.


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