Concrete batching plant need to be inspected daily before production

June 18, 2012

Concrete batching plant and the core machinery is the concrete mixer, concrete mixer is to weigh the concrete and all kinds of materials fully mixed machinery, the daily start, to check all parts of the batching station.

The main contents of the inspection are:

concrete batching plant

After the power is switched on, careful inspection is necessary, and the production can only be started after the empty operation of 2-3 minutes is considered qualified. In the empty operation, the speed of the mixing drum needs to be checked, and the empty operation speed is slightly faster than that of the truck by 2-3 laps/min.If the difference is more, should adjust the ratio between the driving wheel and the transmission wheel, check whether the circuit air circuit is abnormal, check whether the transmission clutch and brake is sensitive and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether there is obstruction around and the smooth situation of each part.

All the machinery involved in the concrete batching plant must be inspected every day to enhance the awareness of safe production and ensure safe production.

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