Composition of concrete batching plant

October 08, 2009

With the improvement of concrete quality required by various projects, mechanical mixed concrete has completely replaced manual mixing. But many buyers worry that the price of a concrete mixer is too high.We advise that a small concrete mixer is your first  option.If you just enter this fired without experience,we would give you a suitable suggestion according to your invest capital.

Concrete batching plant is mainly composed of material storage system, conveying system, control system and conveying system. It is widely applicable to construction sites above medium scale, water conservancy and hydropower projects, commercial concrete manufacturers, etc.The components of concrete mixing plant are described as follows.


concrete batching plant


1. Material storage system.The cement silo is used for bulk cement storage in concrete mixing plant.

2.Metering system.The metering system includes aggregate metering and powder (cement and admixture), water and liquid admixture metering.

3. Hydraulic system.The hydraulic system includes liquid admixture supply system and water supply system.

4. Hydraulic system

5. Stirring system.The mixer is mainly composed of transmission device, shaft end seal, cylinder block and liner assembly, lubricating device, upper cover and water distributing device discharge system and mixing device.

6. Control room.The control system is the center of concrete mixing station.The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy .  

7. Dust removal system.The dust removal system includes three parts: the dust removal during the measurement and unloading of cement and admixtures, the dust removal during the feed of bulk cement truck into the powder tank, and the dust removal during the feeding of inclined belt conveyor into the aggregate hopper.

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